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Holiday Party Ideas for Birders

Time has surely flown by this year as the holidays are nearly upon us! I’m already starting to feel the pressure of Black Friday.  Aren’t you?  And with the excitement of all the holiday sales and bonuses, I’m delighted about the opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones.  Yep, it’s time to party!  And we birds of a feather can flock together by celebrating both the holidays and the birds at the same time!  Here are a few tips for making your party a special treat for your fellow birders and birding organization:

  • Use the cardinal as your source of inspiration for your decorations (i.e. linens, napkins, dish wear, invitations, etc.) to tie in the traditional reds of Christmas.
  • Serve avian-inspired cocktails, like these suggestions from the Audubon, including the American Redstart, the Purple Finch, and the Roseate Spoonbill—all bird species that are considered climate-threatened.
  • Serve bird theme appetizers (i.e. spicy wings and deviled eggs) and cookies pressed from bird shaped cutters to keep the theme going strong.
  • Host a white “emu” gift exchange and ask guests to bring gift items that are bird themed.
  • Play your favorite bird movie in the background or show the entire movie as your featured activity (I suggest Fly Away Home with Jeff Daniels and Dana Delaney – beautiful cinematography and a touching feel good story).
  • Provide DIY garland strung with ingredients the birds will love (i.e. popcorn, raisins, berries, and nuts) for your guests to use to decorate one of your outdoor trees; this will make for fun birdwatching during a daytime party.
  • Provide bird seed ornaments as party favors to send home with guests for the birds in their backyards.

Hit two birds with one stone by hosting a holiday party for your fellow birders or birding organization. By following these simple tips, your party is sure to be a feather in your cap!