About Us

We are Lawrence and Kristen, founders of Backyard Birding Paradise.

Our mission is to promote backyard birding and share our experiences with the local wildlife and birds with others who share our interests.

In September of 2021, we celebrated YEAR 5 of our certified wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary. Check out our video updates below, and make sure you turn on your sound!

Celebrating our Backyard Birds

Celebrating our Wildlife


Birds provide many direct and indirect contributions to the environment.  For example:

  • Many ecologically important plants require pollination by birds
  • Many species of conifers are spread largely by birds
  • Fruit-eating birds aid the germination and spread of hundreds of plants and trees
  • Hawks and owls are great consumers of pests such as rodents
  • Flycatchers and their allies consume tons of insects each year

Birds are also excellent indicators of environmental health as changes in bird populations can tell us a great deal about the impacts of climate change, drought, weather, and habitat change on the environment.

This explains why, according to a recent Census Report, over 65 million Americans enjoy feeding birds in their own backyard as a convenient way to appreciate and study nature.  AND… watching birds, like watching fish or other animals, seems to make people feel good – for all the reasons listed above.

Take your time to check out this website and visit us often for updates on our backyard birding experiences and events!