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DIY Bird Projects with My Salvation Army Score

Following my own advice for supporting National Bird Feeding Month, I decided to add something new to my backyard stations with some easy DIY bird projects using supplies I purchased at the Salvation Army.  And I scored big with my shopping spree!  Just check these out, and my total investment was less than $20:

DIY project #1: Miniature wood birdhouses (above left) spray painted red and decorated with silk flowers, nailed to a tree, and wrapped with silk ivy to keep them in place through the high winds. A little splash of color and lots of fun to make!

DIY project #2: Recycled plate bird feeder (above right) with this sweet decorative plate, string, colored beads, and a large silk flower hot-glued to the bottom for added interest!  The birds can’t seem to leave this one alone.  Lol.

DIY project #3: Small Green Watering Can bird feeder (above left) with hot-glued silk flowers hanging from a glass suction-cup window hanger for bird feeders. Great way to add a splash of color and bring the birds closer to the window for better observation!

DIY Project #4: White Metal Sconce bird feeders (above right) with hot-glued silk flowers and ivy tied to a metal garden trellis and filled to the brim with bird seed. Both pretty AND functional!

Not too shabby!  And I still have some supplies left over for creating more DIY bird projects this weekend.  I’m so excited!


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