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Book CoverIf you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you were invited from our Backyard Birding Paradise Facebook invitation!  And, I’m so glad you made the “jump”.

I’m pleased to introduce you to my new book, where you will discover how to convert your backyard into a birder’s paradise!

According to a recent Census Report, over 65 million Americans enjoy feeding birds in their own backyard as a convenient way to appreciate and study wildlife. Perfect for all ages, this book is a delight for anyone interested in discovering the daily joys of these fine feathered-friends in their own backyard. Featuring full-color photographs of the most popular backyard birds, this book provides tips and suggestions for creating a habitat that will attract the birds in your area.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare and landscape your yard
  • Choose a feeder to attract the birds you want
  •  Handle uninvited guests and other problems
  • Host your own bird-watching event

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First 3 Chapters Free

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