We’re celebrating the ONE YEAR anniversary of our wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary!  Will you join us?

One year ago this month, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, recognized my husband and I for having successfully certified our Wildlife Habitat through its Garden for Wildlife program.  This month, we’re celebrating the habitat’s one year anniversary.  And, just take a look at how busy we’ve been this past year – click here to watch our quick video!

Join us in the festivities by downloading this celebratory coloring page!  It’s FREE! 

Just sign up below for immediate access and send us a photo of your colored page when you’re done!  We’ll share it on our Facebook page, give you all the credit, and do the happy dance because you decided to celebrate this critical milestone with us!

Enjoy!  And check back with us often for updated information about our certified wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary.

And THANK YOU for your encouragement and support!

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