Birding Observation Template

Observation ExampleThere are a number of different journals available for bird watchers to notate observations during the various bird watching adventures, but I prefer taking notes on a computer, especially if my computer can be placed near a window where I can see the bird activity in my backyard easily.  Thankfully, I have a number of such windows.

If you’re like me, you might also prefer to capture your birding experience on your computer, either for printing and inserting into a printed birding journal later, or for posting and sharing with others online.   If this is the case, feel free to download my PowerPoint birding observation template.  And, feel free to see one I’ve posted as an example.

Click here to see one of my personal examples: Observations Tijeras June 2015

Click here to download the PowerPoint template: Observations Template

In the PowerPoint Template, just click in the text fields and type away.  Feel free to change the font style or size.

For adding your photos, you can approach this in one of two ways:

1. Simply insert a photo from your hard drive onto the page, in which case you’ll need to size it and move it to the suggested space, or…

2. Follow these instructions to insert your photo directly into the provided blue box:

  • Right click the blue phot box
  • Click “format shape”
  • Click “fill”
  • Click “picture or texture fill”
  • Click “file” button under “Insert picture from”
  • Find your photo on your hard drive
  • Click “okay”
  • Use the offset points to center or enlarge the photo

Happy birding!