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Winter Love: The White-Winged Dove

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Known for its blue “eye shadow”, bright orange eyes, and iridescent face, this dove has become a familiar sight across the southern United States.

In our backyard, this beauty is a sight for sore eyes!  I’ve only ever seen one or two at a time, and usually during the winter months.  I think this one found us because of our birdbath and solar pump.  Did you know?  Birds can hear the sound of moving water?

In flight, its subdued white-edged wings become flashing crescents, worthy of the bird’s name.

Ordinarily found in desert habitats in the Southwest, this dove often visits backyards, particularly those with feeders and birdbaths.  (See what I mean about the birdbaths?)

Individuals wander widely and irregularly across the continent after the breeding season is over, explaining the occasional lone dove at higher elevations.  That’s our dove… the lone dove at our high elevation (7600′ in altitude).

Interesting Fact: Male and female doves mate for life and are very good companions for each other.  I’m hoping ours finds a mate.