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Where’d All These Birds Come From?!

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I’m visiting our little slice of heaven in the mountains in New Mexico, keeping a watchful eye out for the threatened Gray Vireo, and amazed by the number of different bird species dining at our house this week. We usually get a varied collection this time of year, as a result of normal migration paths, but I think the influx is also largely due to misplaced birds from Dog Head Fire, the recent forest fire that consumed some 18,000 acres of natural forest.

And, while I’ve not seen any threatened Gray Vireos (as I’d hoped), I have seen plenty of other beauties.  Check out this video, comprised of my photographs over just two days.

Yes we have an influx of chickadees (which I had expected from the fire), and more towhees than we’ve had in past years. The grosbeak has returned this year. And, the Lesser Goldfinch has shown up. Additionally, the meadow down the walk seems to have attracted a number of new and equally gorgeous birds. In fact, I’m eager to set up camp for a few hours there to observe and photograph those birds – just need my camera and a thermos of hot coffee. But, that adventure may have to wait until tomorrow, as the sky is dark and ominous, and an indication of more rain to come.

Either way, I’m intrigued to see who swings by for a bite tomorrow. Good thing we stocked up on food.


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