Memories of This Birder’s Life in Texas

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I haven’t been on Facebook much lately as I’ve been preoccupied with selling our house in Texas and moving permanently to what has been our second home in New Mexico. We made our final trip to Houston last week to pack up our belongings and I was surprised at how much I have missed the birds in our backyard there… birds we don’t have in our backyard in New Mexico, including the beauties shown here (blue jay, black-capped chickadee, cardinal).

As my husband gingerly pulled down the vacated bird houses and uprooted the shepherd’s hooks and cement birdbath to take to our little slice of heaven in New Mexico, I started to cry. A rush of memories swept over me as I recalled every tender moment I had spent feeding, photographing, and talking to the birds in our backyard there.  I remembered:

  • The red shouldered hawk who took down a white-winged dove just 10 feet away from me, and how conflicted I felt at the sight
  • Watching a male cardinal court his mate by feeding her as part of their mating ritual
  • The sweet little wren tugging at pieces of straw from the weathered wicker basket, only to fly away with her just reward as she prepared a nest in the neighbor’s yard
  • The activity and chatter of the many families of blue jays over the years, and how they would chastise me when the feeders were empty
  • The hum of the hummingbirds at the feeders I’d put out in September and October so they could fill their bellies before moving on to their next stop on their path of migration
  • The many early mornings of sitting out back with my camera and cup of fresh hot coffee, listening to the symphony of birds before the rest of the neighborhood had cranked up their powered lawn mowers

Even now, as I reminisce over the birds in our backyard in Texas I am so very grateful for the many pictures I had taken over the years. By taking all these photographs, I have created and salvaged my own sweet memories.


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2 thoughts on “Memories of This Birder’s Life in Texas

  1. Marj Stark says:

    What lovely memories to cherish, Kristen! Now that we live on the third floor, we seem to get mostly sparrows at our bird feeder. I miss seeing the cardinals (once there were 6 at one time!)

  2. Alonzo Dutka says:

    Wonderful Blogpost Thanks for sharing.

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