Kill Two Birds with One Stone with this Simple DIY Grapefruit Bird Feeder

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If you love grapefruit and are a recycler at heart, you’ll love this easy project for attracting birds to your backyard. Cut a grapefruit in half and eat the juicy part by scooping out the fruit with a spoon.  But don’t throw away the rind!  Recycle instead.

  1. DSC_1719Scoop out any remaining fruit with a spoon to form a small bowl.
  2. Use a sharp knife to punch four small holes into the sides of the bowl, toward the top and equally spaced around.
  3. Thread string or twine through the holes, running down and under the bowl for added support; knot at the top to make the hanger.
  4. Fill the grapefruit bowl with bird seed or your favorite suet mixture.
  5. Hang your feeder outdoors and enjoy!

HELPFUL HINT: Make sure your four holes for the string or twine are far enough below the top of the bowl to keep the string from tearing through the rind.

Colorful and aromatic, the birds just love these! Hang a grouping of these feeders to add more color to your tree or yard and intersperse the grapefruit feeders with some made from oranges, which also work well for this project.


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