Decorating a Bird House? Easy as Duck Soup!

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I finally broke down and ordered some bird houses! I’ve spent so much time and energy attracting birds to my backyard paradise with feeders, that I neglected to add a few nesting houses. I had ordered a wren house and a cardinal house and I couldn’t wait to put them up. I was so excited when they arrived.

Then a friend asked me, “You are so creative; are you going to paint and decorate them?”

Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that, but I do like to decorate my bird feeders. Why not decorate a bird house?

DSC_1710 (2)Suddenly, visions of spilled paint, a messy clean-up, and hours of drying in between coats ran through my head. I wondered if I was really up to the task.

I went online and searched the subject and read about how a poorly chosen paint job can be dangerous to the birds because:

  • Bright colors can attract predators
  • Toxic paints can be poisonous to adult birds and their babies
  • Dark colors in sunny areas can attract too much heat for the babies

Whew! That was enough to deter me from painting. With my luck I would have been the dope that got it all wrong and put my birds in harm’s way. Nope. Not happening in my backyard! Plus, I wasn’t really in the mood for that big of a project.

But I do like a pretty garden and yard. So, I opted for soft colored silk flowers, which I attached to the bird house using florist wire. And I had all of the supplies already on hand. Gotta love that!

Pretty. Practical. Easy. Fast.

Now, let’s see who moves in first.


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