Cow Birds and Card’nals, and Doves, Oh My!

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DSC_1716A male cowbird arrived first and took his time dining from the tea-cup, looking around and behind him frequently as if on watch for something… or someone.

A female cardinal showed up on the 2nd feeder, happy for the mixed seed that had just been put out. DSC_1757The cowbird paid her never mind and she responded in kind by keeping her back to him.

The cowbird flew off when a squirrel approached but not necessarily close enough to disturb the cowbird’s meal, so I’m thinking the cowbird is just not a fan of keeping company with squirrels – of any kind.

The female cardinal was undeterred and remained perched on the edge of the teacup, happily dining.

And then…

the doves moved in.


If you’ve ever attracted birds to your feeders and had doves join the party, you know their appetite! They can eat one out of house and home, and in a matter of minutes!

The white winged-dove, featured here, outshines all other North American Pigeons and Doves. And they are plentiful here in Texas.

Outside Texas, White-winged Doves breed in the US from southeast California and southern Nevada to New Mexico. Another population breeds in peninsular Florida, as well as much of Mexico and Central America and many Caribbean islands. They are present year-round in many urban areas, but may move southward in winter from colder areas where food supply is a problem.

Apparently, food supply is not a problem at my house!


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