Backyard Birds & the Poets Who Loved Them

Birdie 1Nothing seems more natural and proper as a subject of poetic meditation than butterflies, but since I already published that book, birds seemed the next best thing.  As a focal point for various art forms, including water colored paintings, cross-stitched linens, antiqued brooches, and porcelain china settings, birds have been deemed regal and royal throughout the ages.

Poetry Book ImageCelebrated for a variety of reasons, including goodness, joy, wisdom, and intelligence, the bird is often recognized as a symbol of the human soul journeying toward freedom. For many, birds in flight symbolize the light of the spirit, as well as hope, beauty, and transcendence. For me personally, birds are a sweet reminder of how well cared for I am by my heavenly Father, for as the birds of the air are fed and well taken care of by Him, I am much more provided for (Matthew 6:26).

Not only was this book published to celebrate birds, but to also celebrate the poets who loved them.  Thankfully, I had much to work with. In my research I found delightful and enchanting compositions about birds by some of my favorite poets, including John Burroughs, Hartley Coleridge, William Allingham, J.G. Whittier, Emily Dickson, and Robert Frost.

Back coverI tackled this book much the same way I did my butterfly book, blending the brilliance and whimsy of classic poetry with original photographs from my personal collection of backyard birds – taken from my own backyard.

No matter where you live, in the country or city, in a high-rise or house, curiosity about our fine feathered friends abounds, proven by the estimated 41 million Americans who watch and feed birds in their backyards every year.

Why are birds so interesting?  Birds help keep natural systems in balance as agents of dispersal, biological controls, and bio-indicators. More importantly, birds feed our spirits and move us to appreciate art and poetry. They serve as mediators between heaven and earth, encouraging us onward and upward.  Finally, as Maya Angelou so eloquently reminds me, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

This book is a natural outcome of my personal love of birds: my appreciation of their beauty, my desire to enter into their world, and my awareness of their presence in my daily peace and serenity.

If you share my love of classical literature or birds, you’ll find this compilation spellbinding.  The carefully selected rhymes and prose are designed to tickle your mind, stir your emotions, and rouse your senses all at once, making this a treasured experience.

Order your copy today. And enjoy!


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